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The Ireland Chapter of the Institute of Asset Management (IAM) held a one-day knowledge sharing event, hosted and sponsored by Irish Water at its Foley Street Office, on 22 October 2019.


The event focused on investment planning and delivery capability, with particular emphasis on the use of enabling IT and decision support tools. This was the first Dublin event since the launch of the Ireland Chapter in May 2019 and was fully booked, with over fifty in attendance.

Ark Wingrove first of all gave a welcome to all attendees and members, and introduced the IAM Ireland Chapter.

Welcome to IAM Ireland


Mark Macaulay, Asset Planning Manager, Irish Water, provided an overview on Irish Water’s journey on asset management since establishment in 2014 and the incremental approach taken, as asset information improved, to use information to make the right investment decisions, referencing work on leakage and energy efficiency through pump replacement as examples.

Irish Water AM Approach Presentation (includes event intro and agenda)

Neil Moran, Head of Digital Asset Management, DAA, described a project undertaken to upgrade the Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) system to Maximo in the DAA and links to other enterprise systems, providing some interesting examples of the use of data analytics at Dublin airport. Neil outlined the challenges and opportunities e.g. moving from multiple standalone systems to an integrated system providing an integrated view of the assets, condition monitoring on critical assets and moving from reactive to planned maintenance. The big prize will be in integrating EAM, as the system of record, with SCADA and use of analytics.

Digital Decision Making in DAA Presentation

Michael Durcan, Asset Investments Strategy Manager, Gas Networks Ireland (GNI) outlined the work undertaken by GNI to improve investment decision-making tools at GNI. They developed a roadmap for a phased implementation that takes account of timelines for the next price control submission to the regulator and available data, opting for a bespoke system that is being developed by an external service provider. One of the main objectives in developing the Investment Prioritisation Application (IPA) is to move from expert judgement to a more quantitative based investment decision support tools.

Investment Decision Making Within GNI Presentation

Jim Cooper, Director of Asset Information, AMCL provided an overview on the development and maturity of various digital tools to support asset management, including asset investment planning, with reference to the Gartner Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies. The presentation provided a context to the market study of investment software for investment planning decision-support recently completed by AMCL.

Beyond the Digital Hype Presentation

Dr. Barry McAuley, Technological University Dublin outlined the maturity and diffusion of Building Information Modelling (BIM) in Ireland, with some international comparisons, in particular the UK. BIM is now supported by an international standard, ISO 19650-1:2018 and a number of countries have BIM mandates and/or strategies. Barry outlined some of the challenges in promoting the benefits of BIM, availability of skilled personnel and the activities underway in Ireland to support BIM implementation including programmes being undertaken by the Universities and the Institutes of Technology.

BIM Maturity and Diffusion Presentation

David Mullen, Managing Director, Engineering Documentation described the company’s role in producing documentation for contractors in the construction sector and how the move from paper to digital led to an interesting journey in the implementation of BIM.

BIM Case Study Presentation

The final session was based on the PetchaKutcha format, a presentation concept using 20 slides with 20 seconds for each slide, and with three presenters:

  • Sam Gibson, Moyle Interconnector Operations Manager, Mutual Energy on management of the Moyle interconnector with an outsourced model, the replacement of the low voltage cables in the interconnector and the use of sensors and diagnostics to determine locations of any faults to within five metres.
  • Jude Carey, Head of Asset Management, Irish Rail on the opportunities for asset management in the rail sector. Jude is working with the international union of railways (UIC) on developing asset management documentation for the rail sector and engaging with chief executives in the sector to promote the benefits of asset management.
  • Kieran Wrenn, Electrical Design Engineer, DAA on the sustainability benefits and positive customer response from the installation Fixed Electrical Ground Power (FEGP) units at aircraft parking stands at Dublin airport.
Pecha Kucha - Mutual Energy Pecha Kucha - Irish Rail Pecha Kucha - DAA

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