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Our members hail from a diverse demographic that includes Utilities, Aviation, Rail, Transport, Consultancy, Commercial, Infrastructure and Energy.  Member companies have offices in Ireland and Northern Ireland and are in a prime position to develop a unique perspective and knowledge sharing with the rest of the asset management world.

Asset Management is a journey and not a destination, we look forward to travelling this journey with you!

All IAM members (Associates, Members, Fellows and Students) are welcome to join IAM Ireland or any number of chapters of their choice. 

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Our Mission

The IAM Ireland Chapter provides IAM members a platform to network locally to share their knowledge and practice of asset management topics relevant to their organisations.

Our 2019 – 2020 Business Plan sets out three key objectives focused on:

  1. National Asset Management Leadership - building strong and visible asset management leadership in Ireland across multiple sectors.
  2. Engaged Membership - through our schedule of activities we aim to build a membership that’s truly engaged.
  3. In Partnership - In parallel we plan to develop formal cooperative agreements with bodies (institutions, societies, etc.) who have shared interests.

Our Values

We want to work with everyone who shares our values and objectives, whether individuals or organisations. For information on our values and objectives, see the IAM Policy.



On 17 November 2016, Asset Management professionals from diverse industries and backgrounds in Ireland came together with the aim of sharing and spreading Asset Management knowledge. This group of 22 who met in the Spencer Hotel Dublin have continued the development of IAM Ireland and have held a number of knowledge sharing sessions across the island of Ireland.

By the third session and as the numbers grew, it became apparent to all that the next steps would be the formation of a Branch. A Strategy and Roadmap was developed with input from all members. At the beginning of 2018, it was decided the IAM Branch will form a Chapter and so a new journey began.


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